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0.45X Mobile Phone Lens

BD 2.000
0.45x Phone lens, Mobile Phone and Camera 37mm 0.45x 49uv Super wide angle + macro lens
  • 2 in 1 Professional HD Camera Lens Kit,0.45X Super Wide Angle Lens + 15X Macro Lens. Easy Carry,Lightweight and mini size, great for keeping inside or clip on your clothing, purse and taking anywhere you go. Cozy Blue Phone lens can satisfy your different photograph needs.
  • Detachable and Portable clamps with soft rubber, guarding against bumps and scratches on your phones. Together with lens cover for each lens, effectively to prevent dust, easy to remove. 
  • It works for 99% of popular brands and models of Smartphones.Camera Lens caliber can be used with a wide range of mobile phones such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung,Android Mobile phone and Tablets etc.

3 in 1 Universal Clip Lens

BD 0.500
3 in 1 Universal Clip Lens
  • Enhance any picture quality captured using just your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Attach the fish-eye lens to clearly capture panoramic, landscape images. The wide-angle and macro lenses are ideal for close-up photography. Discover your passion for photography without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • All your images will look like they have been captured using an expensive camera as the macro lens has 10 to 15 aperture. Explore your photography skills by clicking amazing images of close objects with emphasis to details.

360 Eyes, WiFi IP Camera

BD 12.000
360 Eyes, WiFi IP Camera 3D Navigation Positioning Camera
  • New technology upgrade, built-in antenna signal is strong, equivalent to five external antennas, more beautiful and convenient, and the connection is more stable
  • Portable one-touch call, the panoramic camera calls the mobile phone with one button, and the camera can "call"
  • PTZ multi-angle monitoring, double bearing design, horizontal 360° vertical 90° rotation
  • Remote remote monitoring, you can view anytime, no matter where you are
  • Support multiple users to view at any time
  • Three picture quality, adapt to different network speeds, adaptive, standard, high-definition three viewing modes
  • Panorama 3S navigation, where to look where
  • Support 8 times standard glue on the screen, press and hold the screen with both hands to zoom in and out
  • Equipped with the fourth generation of high power dot matrix infrared light, the viewing distance is 10m, the night market effect is clearer
  • Two-way conversation, 30 square meters covered, clear picture quality
  • Motion detection alarm
  • Quick installation requires only three steps to complete (Download APP registration - Network installation - Link successful)

4K Sports Ultra HD DV, 4K WiFi Action Camera

BD 9.000
4K WiFi Action Camera 4K Sports Ultra HD DV
  • 16.0 megapixels
  • 4K / 30fps video resolutions
  • 30meters water resistant
  • WiFi Supported
  • Good for Extreme Sports, Outdoor Sport activities, Bicycle, Driving etc.

Action Camera 4K Wi-Fi UltraHD, Action Camera

BD 9.000
Action Camera 4K WiFi Ultra HD
  • 2.0" LCD
  • WiFi Supported
  • 30m  Waterproof
  • 3K 30fps

Beauty Breeze Mirror With Fan And Light, NuBrilliance

BD 6.500
Beauty Breeze Mirror with Fan and Light
  • Cool breeze for a sweat-free make up application
  • Touch sensor
  • 7.9 inch diameter
  • Free detachable 5X magnification suction mirror

Children Camera Sports

BD 10.000
Children Camera Sports, Video Capture, Photo Capture
  • Video Resolution 1080p
  • Continous video recording
  • Built in rechargeable li-ion polymer battery
  • Expandable memory

Flexible Holder Tripod Phone Holder Camera Stand 3L

BD 3.500
Flexible Holder Tripod Phone Holder Camera Stand
  • Suitable for Camera and Mobile
  • EASY TO SET UP: The adjustable and quick release phone mount grasps to your phone sturdy
  • The easy maneuverability and precise positioning with a rotating degree of 360 degree allows you to watch videos and take photos without holding the phone.

Kids Camera

BD 6.000
Kids Camera, Video Capture, Photo Capture
  • Connect to your computer
  • Built in rechargeable li ion polymer battery
  • Expandable memory
  • Magic stick shape children's camera, cute appearance, meticulous and unique design, magic wand shape is more convenient for your child to shoot.
  • With 4 fun games, you can not only take photos, but also play fun games for 3 to 9 years old. A micro USB cable is included for charging, and it takes only about one and a half hours to charge the camera.
  • Cute appearance, meticulous and unique design, magic wand shape is more convenient for your child to shoot.

Kids Camera, Summer Vacation

BD 5.000
Kids Camera Multipurpose Summer Vacation
  • The digital camera is small and light, easy to carry, which is a good partner for children holiday travel.
  • It has a 2″ LCD display and a built-in microphone with photo and video function.
  • It is suitable for growing children's photographic hobbies, brain development and outdoor activity.

Kids Smart Camera

BD 8.000
Kids Smart Camera
  • The screen is 1.5 inch.
  • Small, dazzling design
  • Hand more comfortable.
  • Easy operate design.
  • More suitable for children's habits.

Mobile Telescopic Lens 14X, Mos

BD 4.000
Mobile Telescopic Lens 14X
  • It overcomes the shortcoming that the camera phone can only take short distance photos instead of long distance, so that the long distance vision can be presented clearly in your eyes, it has 14 times zoom and adjustable focal length.
  • The new light path design, super wide angle, the amount of passed light, high resolution, good color reduction, which greatly improve the quality of mobile imaging.
  • 14 times long shooting can record clear targets, a long focus telescope with an eye mask can be used for long distance shooting (it can be used without a phone as a single eye. )
  • It is widely used for watching matches (football matches, basketball matches, etc.), concerts, bird watching, watching wild animals and scenery, etc. At the same time, it is also a good companion for tourism, the favorite of animal observers.
  • The lens is light and compact. It can be easily placed in your bag or handbag. It is the perfect companion for traveling anytime and anywhere; the necessary equipment for traveling and outdoor exploration.