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360 Eyes, WiFi IP Camera

BD 12.000
360 Eyes, WiFi IP Camera 3D Navigation Positioning Camera
  • New technology upgrade, built-in antenna signal is strong, equivalent to five external antennas, more beautiful and convenient, and the connection is more stable
  • Portable one-touch call, the panoramic camera calls the mobile phone with one button, and the camera can "call"
  • PTZ multi-angle monitoring, double bearing design, horizontal 360° vertical 90° rotation
  • Remote remote monitoring, you can view anytime, no matter where you are
  • Support multiple users to view at any time
  • Three picture quality, adapt to different network speeds, adaptive, standard, high-definition three viewing modes
  • Panorama 3S navigation, where to look where
  • Support 8 times standard glue on the screen, press and hold the screen with both hands to zoom in and out
  • Equipped with the fourth generation of high power dot matrix infrared light, the viewing distance is 10m, the night market effect is clearer
  • Two-way conversation, 30 square meters covered, clear picture quality
  • Motion detection alarm
  • Quick installation requires only three steps to complete (Download APP registration - Network installation - Link successful)

4K Sports Ultra HD DV, 4K WiFi Action Camera

BD 9.000
4K WiFi Action Camera 4K Sports Ultra HD DV
  • 16.0 megapixels
  • 4K / 30fps video resolutions
  • 30meters water resistant
  • WiFi Supported
  • Good for Extreme Sports, Outdoor Sport activities, Bicycle, Driving etc.

Action Camera 4K Wi-Fi UltraHD, Action Camera

BD 9.000
Action Camera 4K WiFi Ultra HD
  • 2.0" LCD
  • WiFi Supported
  • 30m  Waterproof
  • 3K 30fps

Children Camera Sports

BD 10.000
Children Camera Sports, Video Capture, Photo Capture
  • Video Resolution 1080p
  • Continous video recording
  • Built in rechargeable li-ion polymer battery
  • Expandable memory

Kids Camera

BD 6.000
Kids Camera, Video Capture, Photo Capture
  • Connect to your computer
  • Built in rechargeable li ion polymer battery
  • Expandable memory
  • Magic stick shape children's camera, cute appearance, meticulous and unique design, magic wand shape is more convenient for your child to shoot.
  • With 4 fun games, you can not only take photos, but also play fun games for 3 to 9 years old. A micro USB cable is included for charging, and it takes only about one and a half hours to charge the camera.
  • Cute appearance, meticulous and unique design, magic wand shape is more convenient for your child to shoot.

Kids Camera, Summer Vacation

BD 5.000
Kids Camera Multipurpose Summer Vacation
  • The digital camera is small and light, easy to carry, which is a good partner for children holiday travel.
  • It has a 2″ LCD display and a built-in microphone with photo and video function.
  • It is suitable for growing children's photographic hobbies, brain development and outdoor activity.

Kids Smart Camera

BD 8.000
Kids Smart Camera
  • The screen is 1.5 inch.
  • Small, dazzling design
  • Hand more comfortable.
  • Easy operate design.
  • More suitable for children's habits.

Sport Action 4K Ultra HD, Sport Action

BD 20.000
Sport Action 4K Ultra HD
  • 2.0" Screen display, Touch System
  • WiFi connection, Mobile phone operatiob
  • Waterproof 30meter
  • 2.4G Bracelet control
  • Large battery capacity
  • Good for Marine Sports, Outdoor Sport activities, Bicycle, Driving etc.

Sport Action Camera 4k, Sport Action Camera

BD 13.000
Sport Action Camera 4K 2inch LCD Screen 30FPS
  • 30meter Waterproof
  • Double Screen
  • Remote Control watch
  • Suits for Diving, Outdoors, Marine Sports, Skiing, Skydiving

Sports Cam 4K Ultra HD, Sports Cam

BD 10.000
Sports Cam 4K Ultra HD Wifi + Wrist RF
  • 16 megapixels
  • Anti shake DSP
  • 4K 3840x2160
  • RF 2.8G remote control
  • 30M water resistant
  • Multi Purpose - Car Recorder, Outdoor Sports, Marine Sports, Diving